About Me

Short and sweet.

I’m at a tipping point in my life. Paths have led me to a convergence where I will no longer choose between passions. I will pursue them all.

Since I learned how to turn lines into letters I’ve been enchanted with writing and storytelling. I would doodle my words and create worlds with strong heroines and heart-pounding obstacles to overcome. Which they would, of course.

My professional life always included communication, organizing, compiling, and distribution. Before and after computers became a daily part of life.

This is my personal blog where I post what I want: Stories, photos, images, graphics, etc. This is my space.

Visit www.CowgirlheartMedia.com to see what else I do.

Sprinkled into my posts I’ll share bits and pieces of it all, my life, my work, my pursuits and my passions. There will be links to all kinds of things. And, just so you know, some might be affiliate links.