It Is Time To Activate

Full Disclosure: I *was* a born and raised Republican until this last election.

The Republican Party has shown themselves to be weak cowards, afraid to stand up for what the party has always (to me anyway) stood for.

Instead, I’ve watched them backtrack, eat their words, run, hide and basically do whatever it takes to keep their jobs (and possibly their heads, who knows how far our leader will take his fits over leaks, fake news, and department store battles?).

After watching a lot of news, researching a lot of stories and listening to my friends and family go coo-coo over this, I made some changes in my life.

And I hope you will too. I’ve listed below some ways you can get involved in being a part of the change necessary to ensure our children and their children have a country and possibly a planet to live out their lives on. (Okay, I’m a bit of a catastrophist.)

Here are a couple of ways to start. As I come across new ways to ACTIVATE I will write and share new posts.

Signing Petitions
There are LOTS of online petitions needing signatures. be sure to scroll and browse. There are many to sign and some will be specific to states. is a grassroots movement gaining lots of attention. The organizers took pages right out of the Tea Party movement and improved upon the effort.

Get Involved by running for a political office or supporting a woman in her campaign.

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