Make Men Responsible For Pregnancy

Believe it or not, women do not get pregnant by themselves.

If you are unsure of how pregnancy happens, please watch the video below, provided to you by Planned Parenthood.

Yes people, it takes a man and a woman (unless it also takes a doctor, nurse and a lot of lab work) to make a baby.

Why is it then, that women are left ‘holding that baby (or bag)?

You can take away my birth control and my right to a safe, legal abortion when you:

Make Men Responsible for Pregnancy.

And I don’t mean put them on a list that a public defender or an over-worked branch of the police department will eventually go after. I mean RIGHT NOW.

When a woman walks into a center and requests and abortion, she should be able to point out the father. He should be tested (DNA) to see if he is, in fact, the father.

A Match is A Match.

(I know you’re probably thinking the accused father should have some rights. All he’s got to do is spit in a cup. Once. It’s not like he’s up all night peeing or puking his guts out every morning. Or about to have a teething bear cub sucking on his breasts anytime soon. He’ll either prove his innocence or not.)

Now that there’s a DNA match, he will be put into the “Expectant Father’s Program,” where he will be:

FIRST: STERILIZED. If he was unwilling to support this child to the point the host requested an abortion, he should not be allowed to ‘accidently’ impregnate another woman. And, let’s make him impotent too. Obviously, he doesn’t know how to use that thing.


SECOND: Put him to work. With benefits, so he can provide health coverage for his unborn child and the host who is growing his unborn child inside of her.

THIRD: HOLD HIS FAMILY RESPONSIBLE TOO. If the father is unable to care for himself, much less a child, because he is a child himself (under the age of 18) then make HIS PARENTS RESPONSIBLE. Garnish the working parents’ wages. Stay at home mom? Built in babysitter!

Wait! The father is actually a married man with two kids? Great! Siblings and a built in babysitter! The pregnant host moves in with fathers family and is treated with utmost respect because she is adding to the man’s family, something he must have wanted and his current wife (host) was unable to accommodate his request. (I mean, that’s why married men cheat, right? To make more babies?)

No, the parents of the underage or underperforming father will not receive any public assistance to help them afford this new mouth to feed. This is their punishment for not teaching their son to keep his dick in his pants or to at least use a condom.

They failed to teach HIM that SEX = BABY and BABY = RESPONSIBILITIES.

Can’t find work? Yes, sure, we’ll provide job training. He’ll get all the job training he’ll need from behind bars. There’s the prison work program where he’ll make bras for Victoria’s Secret or products for Walmart or uniforms for McDonalds. (Don’t believe me? Go here) (Or Here) (Or Here). That’s three different sources for you.

He will need to provide living accommodations for his child and host until the host is no longer needed on a minute to minute basis (once breast-feeding is done). Then the host may then return to her former life and leave the next 18 years of daily care of the child, to the father.

I’m not saying the new mother has no say or responsibility in this matter. While she is being used as a host, she should be paid for the use of her body, by the man of course. She should also be offered the same Norplant sterilization option after giving birth. She’s done her duty and provided a man with a child. Now she should be compensated for her contribution to society. Send her to college.

But seriously. To take away birth control means the only time a man’s penis should penetrate a woman’s vagina is when a baby is wanted.

Let’s be real. That’s not going to happen.

Here’s one lawmaker’s ways of curbing abortion.

If you don’t believe women should have a right to birth control and to safe, legal abortions, then please go here and sign up to be a foster parent and adoptive parent.

Or go here and see how the Affordable Care Act’s Birth Control Benefit is working for women.

And here’s something else to think about. It’s not only ‘poor’ people seeking birth control AND abortions. In fact, this article points out that it’s actually the AFFLUENT WHITE community who seek out ABORTIONS more than other population groups. This is a long article, but it covers the data engaging enough for those with short attention spans. But those people probably quit reading this post after the video. (News Flash: More affluent/white women get abortions than poor/non-whites!)

If you do believe women should have the right to birth control, that it should be covered by health insurance (like VIAGRA), and that Abortion needs to be SAFE and LEGAL, then please visit Planned Parenthood to read, learn and then ACTIVATE!






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