MoveOn Petitions. Start Somewhere

I don’t know about you, but I’m not happy with today’s political climate.

As a woman, an American, and someone who’s ancestors migrated to this country (4th generation), I’m disgusted by way too much out there.

My WIP, excerpts I’m posting on this blog, is based on how we become what we are and how we treat people, beginning with what we are taught by our parents and those who raise us. Love or hate, it all starts at home.

But today, I’m using the word Activated. I have been Activated into public service, and I hope you have been too. I hope you are out working for real change, not just carrying a sign in the street or having heated arguments with people you’ve known all your life.

I hope you’re doing something that will actually make a different. Like volunteering to help someone get elected or stepping up to get elected yourself.

Making phone calls. Sending emails. Postcards. Letters.

MoveOn Petitions has petitions to sign. And if that’s all you can do, then do it.

Here’s a link to MoveOn Petitions.

It’s time to ACTIVATE!

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