Truth, Lies and All The Bullshit

In the last year, I’ve had more stupid conversations with people up until that moment, I thought were smart.

Not like super smart or even college educated smart, because most of them are not (college educated smart). A couple of them would lie and say they did go to college but then omit the fact they didn’t graduate, especially when their children are present.

But when I hear them repeat and even exaggerate stories, numbers or “facts” as I know* them, and then be unable to listen to my response (and my data to back it up) to the point where they are yelling at me, I have to wonder, what kind of fucking cool-aid are they drinking?

In other words: Where are they getting this information from?

*What I know, is because when I hear it, if it seems to be out of whack from my perspective, I check it out. Yes, I Google. But I dig deeper than the first three hits (that are usually advertisements, in case you didn’t know), I take notes and I research, research, research.

Apparently, this ability to research and retain information that I’m able to access via my memory while attempting to debate someone whose data pool is shallow, makes me a Radical Feminist.

I don’t get their inability to debate with me. To hear me out. As soon as I begin to question their information, they get defensive and begin to yell. And worse, they lump my one question into a pile of beliefs that I do not agree with. But, because I disagreed with one of their (fake) points, that means I must disagree with everything they stand for and I must be on the side of ‘the liars.’

Which is funny, because, from my perspective, BOTH PARTIES are LIARS. No matter who got elected, we were getting a liar. And we got a big fat one.

Now I’m being told to give this liar a chance. Haven’t we given him enough chances? Were you not watching when he hung himself over and over again? Are you not watching when our government passes laws in the middle of the night, excusing Trump (Who swore to be ‘the most transparent president that we had ever seen) from turning over his tax returns (something else he promised to do but then backpedaled the closer he got to the end of the campaign.) Are you not watching as our leaders let Russia take over our political processes?

If there is nothing to hide on the Russia front, why is Mr. Priebus talking with the FBI? Why did General Flynn “resign”?  Why are people turning down offers to be a part of the Trump Administration?

I’ll keep posting the stuff I find and providing links to information that isn’t coming from a mad hatter’s tea party. Unless I think it needs to be posted and shared here if for nothing else a place I can refer back to when trying to debate with a crazy person.


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