What Have You Been Thinking About Doing? It’s Challenge Time.

If there is one way to get motivated, it’s a good challenge.

As I’ve ventured down my own path of self-discovery, most of it into drawing and lettering, I’ve discovered talented artists who have something in common with me – they all started somewhere. 

To get from the starting point to a place where comfort sets in because the ropes went from something you were learning to become something you’ve mastered, takes practice. This we all know. And if you didn’t, well, surprise!

Something I’ve found to be a great way to learn, practice and connect with other creatives are challenges. I’ve listed just a sampling of the ones I’ve found and I’m sure there are dozens (hundreds – thousands? Who knows!) more. So far, for me, these are helping me to:

  1. Break out of my shell!
  2. Learn something – lots of things – new!
  3. Create Successful Habits

Number three is the big one, and I think it’s the one we all take for granite. What these challenges do is help cement in new habits, the things we need to do in order to grow.

Step forward in 2017: Build in-demand career skills with Coursera

I started 2017 by taking a couple of MOOC’s, Massive Open Online Courses. One, titled Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects has helped me overcome many obstacles and the fear I had of taking on tougher subjects and projects.

This led me to Skillshare. If you are interested in learning in short spurts, this is the place for you. It’s also a great place for anyone wanting to venture into online teaching or need a place to post your own course to an audience of people who want to learn. Why spend your time trying to get people to visit your new site when you can post your class to Skillshare?

And now? I’m taking all my new knowledge and confidence and venturing into the world of challenges.

I’m starting off with #the100dayproject as my “umbrella” challenge. The other ones fit nicely under this longer running challenge. This one starts April 4th and runs until July 12th. My theme for 2017 is “Work In Progress.” My goal is to create something every day and share it on my blog. The things I will be focusing on specifically are:

  1. Practicing drawing. I’ve always loved to letter, doodle and draw. The first two came naturally to me, the third, I’ve had to work at. Getting my drawings to look more realistic is something I’d like to work on. And using colored pencils!
  2. I’m still working on my NaNoWriMo project from 2016. I’d started down one story line that has evolved into something different. I like the new one better, so I’m working on it, writing and editing as I go.
  3. Growing my social media networks. My goal is to have an art niche following and work with sponsors (translate: income!)
  4. Writing daily blog posts and articles. Not every piece will end up here. But the goal is to write more than one piece every day.

Here’s that list I promised you. You can find all of these (and more!) on Instagram.


After all that sitting, here’s one to get you outside too, #52HikeChallenge2017.

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How about you? Are you ready to take on a challenge?



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