When The Truth Is Told What Will We Know About Trump?

And not just about Trump, but his campaign, presidency, and the Russians?

The truth will find a way to be told. I believe there are more good people in the world, and in high ranking positions in our governments (really, I do) who will prevail. I believe there are good people in other parts of the world who will help reveal the truth. And I believe there are brave journalists around the world will do their best to make sure we, the American people and people around the globe, will all know the truth.

When the truth is revealed, what will we know?

What will we know about Trump and the circus he’s exposed us and the world to?

How many heads will roll? I think this disturbs me more – what will happen to those who are closer to the bottom of the Trump Friends ladder? Will we see freaky stuff like people disappearing or dying as the noose tightens around the Trump gang of ‘friends?’

Will we see men, men we thought were honorable, men with stripes on their sleeves and long records of public service, fall on their swords rather than face a firing squad? Will we see any of them come forward and admit their crimes?

What will we see?

How will History remember these people who did the unthinkable?

How will we remember those who broke the laws they were entrusted with and swore to uphold?

How will remember those who stood by in government and law and did nothing?

What I’d like to ask those who know the truth, those who are at the center of this mess –

What will we learn about you?

How will we remember you?

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